28 November 2012

Review | A Chickpea Extravangaza @ hummus bros

There is a place in Soho I have only ever dreamt of, a place where like-minded people meet, a place where my fellow men and women go to worship the one thing I truly believe in in this world-

The Chickpea.

Nah, I'm kidding. The chickpea is nothing on its own. NOTHING. What I'm talking about is the greatest thing known to man, so perfect in all its cream-y dip-iness, so wonderous in all its guises. I'm talking, of course, about hummous.

Cue Angelic music.

Those who know me know one thing for certain. I am obsessed with hummous.

We're not talking 'love the stuff and get a bit giddy when its part of the buffet at parties' obsession.

Oh no.

This runs deeper than that.

I've had hummous for lunch pretty much every day for the last 3 months.

Let me give you some time to digest that.

Anyway, the point is I freaking love hummous. I'm just trying to set the scene here guys.

hummus bros is a restaurant dedicated to, you guessed it, hummous. Located in the heart of Soho, it is a veritable mecca for lovers of this wonderous chickpea-dish in all its homemade glory. Having only really eaten supermarket hummous up until fairly recently (although, admittedly, a rather obscene amount of it), it took some time to get used to the more traditional Eastern-style hummous I first tried at Comptoir Libanais. Much thicker than our Western variant, this hummous is slightly smokier in flavour and can be a bit of shock to those expecting the light, almost mousse-like dip they are accustomed to.

(left: classic Western hummous with fancy star formation presention, right: more traditional hummous typically DRENCHED IN OIL MMMM)

hummus bros make a thick hummous, mild in flavour, which they use as a base for all manner of snazzy toppings. They mix chickpeas, lemon juice and tahini without garlic, so no need to worry if you're rushing to that meeting (or hot date) after lunch.

Hummous at hummus bros is no mere dip. It forms a base to which they add your topping, from guacamole to chunky beef to, wait for it, MORE CHICKPEAS! WHEYYY! The dishes come in small or regular sizes and, in my usual gluttonous manner, I went for regular. Big mistake. Even the website suggests a small. What is wrong with me?! Anyway, talk of my greedy tendencies aside, I went for a regular-size falafel salad (falafels, fresh tomato-coriander salsa, tzatziki and shredded cabbage) on hummous which was one of the daily specials. OH. MY. GOOD. LORD.


The falafels were STUNNING. Can falafels be stunning? Who cares. The were sooo yummy. I never reaaaally think paprika adds much to hummous but everything else was so perfectly delicious. And the pitta bread. Oh my God, the pitta bread! No flat, lifeless breads here. The regular came with 2 pittas (what is WRONG with me?!) and they were absolutely amazing, all warm and fluffy and fabulous. I managed one and a half before admitting defeat, leaving an upsetting amount of hummous too. These portions are huge.

The menu is to die for; goodie after goodie, all healthy and tasty and fabulous. I can't wait to go back and try the smoky barbequed aubergine and the tabouleh sides and the drinks look seriously lush. hummus bros do everything to eat-in or take-away, even selling the toppings by the tub, so you really can eat what you want exactly as you want it! 

I sat in the window next to this little bundle of joy. So cute! How many chickpeas do you think there are?

The website has the story behind hummus bros and you can even find out what your hummous-habits say about you! I'm a diplomat, obviously. As well as Wardour Street, hummus bros now have branches in Holborn and St Paul's.

So, what are you waiting for?!

Notice I stuck with my spelling of hummous throughout. It's called integrity, OK?!

22 November 2012

Heartfelt Apology

I know, I know, what a wasteman.


The last month has been pretty manic and, I'm sorry to say, siddalee took the brunt of this.

But I will be back with a vengeance soon!

In the meantime, enjoy this-

Carolee Schneemann Interior Scroll, 1975