There are some absolutely amazing bloggers out there and these blogs are just a few of the ones that inspired me to start ConcreteCocktails and continue to inspire me on a daily basis...

The Londoner
Rose lives the most amazing life. Straight away I decided I couldn't like her (harsh...but honest) because she was out gallivanting all the time, having fun at fabulous places and spending lots of money. I've come to realise she's kind and funny and really interesting!

A Beautiful Mess
A lovely blog absolutely packed-full of joy. Sisters Elsie and Emma just make me want to be a better person! Amazing recipes, DIY crafts and design-y bits and bobs.

Lisa Eldridge
Lisa Eldridge is my Caitlin Moran of make-up, and that's a big deal. If I am just a quarter of this fabulous when I grow to be a fully-fledged adult I will be a very happy (and stylishly wonderful) girl

Rachel Phipps

Tiny Twisst

Tuva Malmo