09 October 2012

veggie haven // a not-at-all-unbiased review of tibits

tibits is absolute veggie heaven. It's like a pick'n'mix for vegetarians and vegans alike where you have a world of pulses, tofu and vegetables at your fingertips. I'm not even going to pretend like I'm looking at my recent trip to tibits in a critical light. I'm not. I'm writing about it as an out-and-out advocate, a shout-from-the-rooftops fan.

I've been vegetarian since I was 10 and 4 years ago my mum became vegan. When I'm at home I pretty much eat a vegan diet. Except for that time last Easter when I bought a family-size bar of green and blacks and decimated in in 5 minutes. And did the same thing the next two days running. But we don't talk about that. I also pretty much never have dairy, eggs or honey at my own place either so it's only really when I'm out that I'm unable to resist the temptation of cheese in all it's cheesey splendor.

Sunday I met a friend for some dinner. She's just got back from travelling and, since her return, is trying out being vegan. Obviously I suggested tibits. Any excuse really.

Sometimes I go and eat whatever I want, sometimes I go and only eat the vegan offerings. This time, I went vegan. And boy did I go all out. Situated in the Food Quarter on Heddon Street, just off Regent Street, tibits is a little sanctuary amongst the hustle and bustle of central London. The food is set out like a buffet; you take a plate, pile it with what you want and take it to the counter to pay. You pay for how much it weighs, so if you're feeling a light lunch, you only pay for a light lunch. Pretty sweet.

The falafel is SO GOOD. I'm fairly certain it's what chickpeas aim for in life. In an attempt to be vaguely professional, I'm not going to lie, the quinoa salad let me down. Coriander is one of the worst ingredients known to man and ranks right up there with fennel - the of-the-moment but oh-so-grim herb-y devil - on my list of Things I Want to Banish to the Fiery Pits of Hell. Basically, it had coriander in it. Vom.

We both had a freshly-made juice, a good chin-wag, and a delicious meal. I honestly think if you're fairly open to eating (or at least trying) beans and pulses tibits is a place for everyone. Every time I go I leave with a happy tummy, a happy heart and a happy head because hey, sometimes it just feels nice knowing you had a completely cruelty-free meal.

Essentially, it's freaking awesome. Go. Eat. Enjoy.

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