30 December 2012

Haul | 'rush-shopping' // unashamedly addicted to topshop

The other day I was feeling a bit blue. It was nearly Christmas, I was hormonal and was determined to be pathetic about life. And when I'm sad, I shop.

I had an hour and a half before I was due to meet some friends so I hopped on a bus to my nearest decent-sized Topshop and I rush-shopped.

Now, I like to think I'm a good person to shop with. When it comes to friends trying on clothes I would say I'm patient and encouraging and happy to go where they want and wait while they try. I advise, I compliment, I go and I fetch all manner of different sizes and colours without a moan in sight. When it comes to me shopping, however, I'm a machine, and I don't want anything stopping me. I rush-shop.

I was in, I was out. I spent £140. Need I say more?

I think the theme of the shop was 'wear with spanx'...

I'm hoping when I get around to trying these on again I'll have changed my mind and take at least two back...I could definitely do with a fair chunk of that money back, that's for sure.

I also got these snazzy little booties:

I bought my first pair of heeled boots a month or so ago and they are HIGH. So high I can barely walk in them and nearly fell over 3 times wearing them last week before I changed into my fabulously flat Chelsea boots and hurried on on my way, trip-free. These are a farrrr more sensible height. A very comfortable height actually. I wore them out for the first time that night and they were super comfortable and super easy to walk in. I paired them with black Topshop Leigh jeans and a cream strappy Topshop top - I think Sir Philip Green himself should write and thank me for keeping that store afloat. Anyway, at £45 and leather they are a seriously fabulous bargain, in Topshop terms at least.

I'm sure I'll be in a Topshop again soon now I'm flush with Christmas money and, in fact, a Topshop voucher. Mmmmmmm Topshop. But, until then, any advice on how to style those dresses would be most welcome. And anyone know where I can buy some spanx?..!

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