02 February 2013

in the bin // product expiration dates

It's safe to say I'm pretty anal when it comes to expiry dates. Jars, cans and cartons all find themselves thrown unceremoniously in the bin as soon as their time is up, and often even a bit before if I'm feeling particularly suspicious. And whilst I have become sliiiiightly more laid back about this of late (a bag of spinach IS still eaten past its expiry date as long as it's not squishy or smelly, shock horror), I have always been extremely lax about the dates on skincare and makeup products. I just don't... care. If something is not being consumed by me - and therefore does not wield the power to potentially make me vom (not my favourite thing in the world to put it lightly) - I have never really worried too much about it. It's a kind of safety mechanism that I developed as a child so I didn't end up worrying ALL DAY LONG ABOUT EVERYTHING I TOUCHED AND STOOD NEAR AND BREATHED IN AHHHH.

I even wear the shoes at the bowling alley without socks, much to my housemate's disgust.

The way I see it, no vom-potential = no issue.

That is, however, until I jump out of the shower ready to treat myself with a little Dior Miss Dior Chèrie Hydratant Parfumé Pour les Corps (perfumed body moisturiser, basically) only to find that, once applied, I smell like a tramp urinated on me. Five days ago.

Big issue.

Yes, that's right folks. This little bottle-

-which promises to be full of such joy and perfection, instead was full of stale-urine-fragranced horror.

Now, I'll be honest, there's a good chance this has been open for about 3 years. Possibly only 2, possibly more. I'm not proud of it, I'm just facing up to the fact that I had this coming. I ignored that little tub-shaped graphic on the back of the bottle warning me to use the contents within 18 months of opening. 

Pah! 18 months my arse!

No, seriously, 18 months.

Need I repeat STALE TRAMP WEE again!?

It got me thinking about the rest of my products... the perfumes that sit prettily on my dresser, and the moisturisers I opened years ago to match. The mascaras I use for months on end, well past their 3-6 month suggested shelf life. It ain't pretty.

Fortunately, there is hope. For, where products must depart, new ones must take their place.

I'll be looking for a new moisturiser to replace this one, and, taking inspiration for Meg over at Lips So Facto, I'll be taking a careful look through the rest of my products.

Read Meg's blog on the expiration dates of your products here.

RIP, Miss Dior Chèrie Hydratant Parfumé, you beautiful little thing.

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