10 February 2013

Lustlist | valentine's day ideas - treating yourself

It's hard to miss the fact that Valentine's Day is nearly upon us. You may have a valentine, you may not, but personally I'd suggest using the whole shebang as a wonderful excuse to treat yourself. Flowers and romantic meals are nice, but no-one knows what you want better than, well, little ol' you!

Here are a couple of my picks; go on, treat yourself...
Bloggers everywhere are loving this clay-based mask; it's full of anti-oxidants and cleanses and revives skin to leave it feeling smooth and refreshed. Why not have a pamper-night, curl up in bed with a good magazine (or catch up on blogs!) and give your skin some much needed TLC.

Charbonnel et Walker
Charbonnel et Walker make the most amazing (and delicious) chocolates. Even if you don't fancy forking out £11.95 (at least) for some yummy treats, their shop is worth a look as everything is just so beautiful! Their adorable pink marc de champagne truffles are almost too beautiful to eat. Almost. 

Jemima Lumbley Jewellery
A little bling à la Carrie Bradshaw. Who needs their own Mr. Big when you can have your own Carrie necklace?!

Elle Macpherson Intimates
Wearing nice underwear shouldn't be resigned to dates and Clinton Card holidays - buy yourself some nice underwear that makes you feel happy and confident. Elle Macpherson Intimates is a stunning range with something to suit everyone. One of the best things you can do is pop in to your nearest lingerie department and get yourself properly measured - it's amazing how much it can change the comfort and look of your underwear when you're wearing the right size!

I've always avoided bodycon dresses; I've never been super confident and the last thing I wanted was to highlight all the things I didn't like about myself. Recently, however, I bought a bodycon midi-dress from Topshop with long sleeves and I finally wore it this weekend and I absolutely love it, even if I do feel sliiiightly lumpy in it! I think long sleeves on a bodycon style dress are flattering and balance the fitted body; this wrap-style dress from Topshop will be even more flattering for those who are a bit self-conscious about their tum!

Minna's room
This needs no explanation. Buy it. Display it. Most importantly, listen to it.

The Wedding of my Dreams (vom)
These vases are so cute! You can pay an extra £3.50 to ensure you get a 'bottle-shaped' vase but I think these organic ones are much more unique and look adorable alone or in a group displaying little stems and single flowers from the garden.

I've never been a massive fan of v-day, and no-one I've spoken to recently seems that enamored with this most amorous of days either; whether you're in a relationship or single, a valentines-lover or -hater, I'd do what you want to do with who you want to do it with. Just like any other day of the year really. Personally, I'll be chowing down on some sushi in celebration of my friend's birthday. Sounds pretty perfect to me!

What are your plans for the 14th? And what will you be treating yourself with?


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